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Horticulture, Agriculture & Pisciculture

InterNex manufactures industry leading NEX™ brand films for the manufacture and supply of agricultural polytunnels, weed control, pond liners, vermibeds, fish farming, irrigation reservoirs and canals, aquaculture liners, covers – agricultural, soil, manure and more.

Machinery, Mining, Industrial, Building & Construction

NEX™ brand films are the guarantee of outstanding quality for a wide range of industrial applications such as: lumber wrap, engineered wood wrap, cement products wrap, oil & gas pad liners, liquid containment, golf course ponds, retention ponds, salt and general purpose, wastewater lagoons, interim covers, rail car covers, heavy-duty liners and covers, environmental protection, landfill covers and liners, spill containment, remediation and more.

Canadian Technology

Our state-of-the-art Canadian manufacturing technologies have been developed by highly skilled experts who specialize in cross laminated film. At InterNex, our team of professionals work with our clients in the field and in the laboratory to provide expert support wherever it is needed. Continuous research and developments ensures InterNex customers have access to the latest film technologies to suit today's and tomorrow's demanding requirements.

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