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InterNex is a vertically integrated company specialising in cross laminated film products and technologies. InterNex uses state-of-the-art Canadian manufacturing technologies to ensure all of our products exceed our clients expectations. Servicing both agricultural and industrial markets, InterNex provides high quality and cost-effective solutions for protecting your crops, ponds and many other valuable goods.

Quality Control

Quality Control InterNex is dedicated to exceeding industry expectations and our clients needs. Continuous research and developments ensures InterNex customers have access to the latest film technologies suit today and tomorrows demanding requirements. Nex films are manufactured using industry best practices and InterNex are always looking to explore and evaluate new methods of manufacturing. Our products frequently undergo testing by independent laboratories so as to meet standard industry compliance and certification. Our team of experts are also available to help with specialised regional code requirements.


Frog InterNex cares about our planet and its inhabitants. InterNex operates a ZERO waste policy. All of InterNex waste material is recycled into products such as engineered decking, plastic park benches, plastic pallets, roll cores and many other renewable products.

Zero waste means zero landfill.


Whether it’s by land, sea or road, InterNex has professional freight brokers in every corner of the globe to ensure your cargo arrives on-time.

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